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Titles >Timeshare Title

Timeshare ownership is a popular vacation home investment currently held by over three million American households. A timeshare is joint ownership in a vacation resort property that gives you an exclusive right to occupy a condo unit for a specified interval each year. What might you need to know about timeshare ownership if you are considering making such an investment?

There are two ways to approach timeshare. One is to buy a right-to-use membership that allows you to stay in a particular condo for an annual block of time for a number of years. You can also choose to trade your right-to-use time with someone else, perhaps someone who owns timeshare in a different location you yearn to visit. Simple-fee ownership is more like conventional homeownership -- you purchase a slice of the property and receive title by means of a deed. The property is legally yours. You can obtain insurance on the time-share property, sell or lease it, or have it transferred by will. Deeded timeshares can be also willed to family members.

Minimize the stress of booking yearly accommodations by purchasing ownership in a timeshare resort in one of 81 different countries.

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Real Estate Trivia
What is the most unusual maintenance project done once each year in the United States?

The Niagara Falls is shut down for maintenance every year in the fall by diverting the flow of water for 24 hours using a massive series of pipes constructed in 1837.
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The Muscatell/Wagner Team, REALTOR®, real estate agents and broker for Tampa, New Tampa, Lutz and Carrollwood, Florida home listings, property and land for sale - NUMBER1EXPERT(tm)

The Muscatell/Wagner Team
Keller Williams Tampa Properties

3450 Buschwood Park Drive, S-345
Tampa, FL. 33618
Kathy Muscatell: 813-319-6241
Vicki Wagner: 813-319-6226
Kathy: info@mwteamkw.com
Vicki: info@mwteamkw.com

Whether buying or selling--our team offers you the wisdom of experience and the gift of caring. We want to help you accomplish your real estate goal and be so impressed by our service that you refer your friends and acquaintances to our team for their real estate needs.


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